Producer Overview:

Corte S. Anna is named for the courtyard of the Villa at the Rubinelli Vajol winery. Rubinelli Vajol is located in the heart of the Valpolicellazone, and was founded by engineer Gaetano Rubinelli. After having planned and built the Chievo Dam, supplying electricity to Verona in the early 20th century, Gaetano bought the villa and vineyards in the beautiful countryside. The vineyards are protected by rolling hills and enjoy abundant sunshine, necessary for optimal ripening of the grapes. The winery only produces the five classic wines of the Valpolicella, using mainly Corvina, Corinone, and Rondinella, with smaller quantities of Molinaraand Oseleta. Today, the winery run by oenologist Roberto Ferrarini, and is dedicated to the care and preservation of the environment: all vineyard work is done by hand, herbicides are not used, and the soil is reinvigorated using compatible plant species.


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